A Young Teacher’s Experience on a Famous Cattle Station in the 1960s

By David Benson

Some Preliminary Information:

I was posted to my first school in 1964. It was on a cattle station called Cooplacurripa. Just recently, part of my memoirs about the station were published in the Manning Valley Historical Society’s Journal (Number 55 December 2016). The reason for their significance is explained in the following extract (Just click on this. My journal extract is Part 3) :journal-55-coopla

What about the AA Company?

There is an unintentional link between my first teaching posting and the AACo in that Cooplacurripa was part of the first properties taken up by the Company when they departed Tahlee.


About aacoroad

This is the blog for The Old AACompany Road from Karuah to Tahlee. It contains information about walks on the road, history and other information.
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  1. Hi. I was just wondering whether this site is still live- whether there is some further information I may be able to obtain (including the walking notes) please.

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