In November 1826, Robert Dawson, Chief Agent of the AA Company led a group consisting of 6 Aborginal men and 3 convicts together with 5 horses and a couple of dogs from the Australian Agricultural Company headquarters at Tahlee on Port Stephens to the area around present day Gloucester and back, taking fourteen days for the round trip.

Dawson documented the trip in detail.

Our plan is to attempt to retrace as much of the trip as possible onto modern maps with the aid of people who know the area and people who are prepared to don their history detective hats and search for clues!

We’ll be publishing your History Search Kit shortly.

In the meantime, go on line and Google this book: The Present State of Australia; a description of the country, its advantages and prospects, with particular reference to emigration: and a particular account of the manners, customs and condition of its aboriginal inhabitants.

Try: Robert Dawson The Present State of Australia on Google Books. Pages 100 to 222 give an outline of the trip.






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This is the blog for The Old AACompany Road from Karuah to Tahlee. It contains information about walks on the road, history and other information.
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