There have been some postal and internet confusions with having two places with the same name close together, so MidCoast Council asked me to do a bit of research it possible alternate names for Carrington 2324. It was the older of the two towns, but since 2324 is a small rural village, and 2294 is a large industrial suburb of Newcastle, 2324 would be much easier. Here is my research sheet. Click on it to download the document:      Carrington Document 1

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This is the blog for The Old AACompany Road from Karuah to Tahlee. It contains information about walks on the road, history and other information.
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1 Response to WHAT’S IN A NAME? CARRINGTON (2324 & 2294)

  1. Christine smithers says:

    Would be very interested to know who was interviewed here in a small village .
    I feel most residents would prefer a new name .
    I don’t think anyone knows about this article here either?

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