About AACo Road

The Old Australian Agricultural Company Road from Karuah to Tahlee dates from around 1826 when the AA Company was first established at Port Stephens north of Sydney. This site contains a copy of portion of the 1845 map drawn by Phillip Parker King showing the road following the same route it follows today with one small exception. What makes the road exceptional is that whilst it isn’t being used as a road any more because a bridge has been lost, it is a really beautiful walking trail.

On 7th November 2010, one hundred and five walkers were the first in fifty years to discover the joys of the road and this blog celebrates that event and presents some interesting historical and natural information to broaden your appreciation of an Australian gem.

Since then, the Walk has become an annual event and research has revealed a much more complex and exciting picture than we could have imagined …. Read on!

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